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Baca exhibition at CSUN Art Galleries. in the exhibition’s catalog by Mario Ontiveros and published by Angel City Press, and includes essays by Ontiveros, Anna Indych-Lopez, Carlos Rogel, and.

For example: the fast food group will prepare a sample menu, the clothing group will a catalog of the clothes they might. Fine Art- Prepare a scrapbook of images of Chinese art and culture. Media.

Cross-listed with Japanese 5271. Comparative Studies(top of page) Comparative Studies 1100 Introduction to the Humanities: Cross-Cultural PerspectivesExplores the role of literature and the arts in constructing, maintaining, and questioning the values and beliefs of diverse cultures and historical periods; topics vary.

Only courses whose main focus is on Italian culture will count for the Italian studies major. Relevant departments include, but are not limited to: art history, comparative literature. Please check.

Culture and Religion 11 (3): 213–46. “Method and Theory in Religious Studies: Retrospect and Prognostications.” Temenos: Nordic Journal Of Comparative Religion 43 (2).

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Copies of all forms submitted to the Registrar should ALSO be filed in the student file in the International and Comparative Education program. Note: Doctoral students please see the TC Catalog for.

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You can get all of them at the library — for each book, there’s a link to the DCPL catalog. The list. The guide to Black Washington : places and events of historical and cultural significance in.

In contrast, neither USC nor Cal State L.A. has a single philosophy catalog listing that mentions ancient. commonly taught in departments of history, religious studies, Asian studies and.

The International Studies faculty is a diverse, expert, and active group of professors from a variety of fields and with extensive international experience. The International Studies major is offered by the Salameno School of Humanities and Global Studies and leads to a B.A. degree. A minor is available.

Research seminar on specialized topics in Asian American Studies. 3 or 4 undergraduate hours. 3 or 4 graduate hours. May be repeated if topics vary. Students may register in more than one section per term if topics vary. Prerequisite: AAS 100 or any Asian American Studies course, or.

The International Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that combines core courses in political science (emphasizing global and comparative politics) with courses offered in other social science and humanities disciplines (anthropology, economics, geography, sociology, history, and holocaust and genocide studies).

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The film studies minor also teaches students how to discern the cinematic and narrative features that are used in cinematography and how culture can influence them. The study of film encourages critical thinking, respect for cultural diversity, and detailed knowledge of film as a text of facts and ideas.

Note: Doctoral students please see the TC Catalog. and Comparative Education program office with the assistance of the International and Comparative Education program assistant. Final determination.

B.A. in International Cultural Studies- Comparative Humanities ICSBA-HUM.2013 45credits, incl. 6-12 GE credits Effective Date: 01/2013 The terms of this MRS will be honored by the Department and Universi ty within the next 8 years.

Maren Elfert, a postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research in the department of educational policy studies at the University. impacting my community’: A.

The Comparative Literature Program offers students the opportunity to acquire expertise in two or more linguistic, literary and cultural traditions and examine their connections. The American Studies Program is an interdisciplinary major that encourages students to make connections across diverse fields of.

Christophe Schuwey, a new assistant professor in French languages and literatures, studies the literature and culture of 17th-century France. literature — from searching in an online library.

to identify and utilize a variety of literary and cultural theories, to interpret original creative works, as well as develop comparative and interdisciplinary analyses. Portuguese and Brazilian.

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Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies (CCLS) Dept Info – College Info. CCLS 125. Critical Concepts in Western Culture (3) [Rpt./ 2] Analyzes concepts in art, literature, and other cultural forms that have shaped western ideology. Juxtaposes traditional and nontraditional, elite and popular, western and nonwestern materials.

Overview of Comparative Cultural Studies. The Department of Comparative Cultural Studies highlights the rich comparative traditions of disciplines and programs. The Department offers major degree programs in Anthropology and Liberal Studies, and a minor in Religious Studies.

The Cultural Studies major at NNU provides students with a broad, functional understanding of intercultural communication and the comparative study of culture. The discipline of cultural studies has evolved out of literary and critical theory, and the Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies at NNU is distinctive in its emphasis of cross-cultural.

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Since studies of children’s language acquisition have focused primarily. the DEL program preserves and makes accessible a rich set of cultural information that reflects the traditions and.

> Catalog 2019-2020 > Degrees and Certificates Offered; Degrees and Certificates Offered THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO DEGREE AND CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS. Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies (B.A.) Criminology (B.A.) Earth and Planetary Sciences (B.A., B.S.) East Asian Studies (B.A.) Economics (B.A.)

Her degree is in religious and women’s studies. The budgets of California’s universities are being cut, so recently Cal State Northridge students conducted. in electrical and computer engineering.

Why Phonetics And Phonology Are Important In Language Education Given the current federal government is so besottedly Anglophile, perhaps they will take note of the new marking scheme of the Brits in their GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education. This. Linguistics is concerned with the nature of language and communication. phonetics (the study of the production, acoustics and hearing of speech sounds). it is

Her degree is in religious and women’s studies. The budgets of California’s universities are being cut, so recently Cal State Northridge students conducted. in electrical and computer engineering.

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Students choose a concentration in either Comparative Literature or Cultural Studies. Concentration in Comparative Literature: Courses chosen in this concentration are divided between literatures in two different languages (one of which may be English or American Literature). Courses may include studies in theory, history, film and the arts, as.

Today, Spivak is an academic superstar — a prolific scholar and co-founder of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society. Marxist scholar and then helped launch postcolonial studies with.

Comparative Studies Major. Comparative Cultural Studies; Ethnic and American Studies; Comparative Literature; Folklore Studies; Science and Technology Studies; Religious Studies Major; World Literatures Major. World Literatures; Student And Alumni Profiles; Minors. Comparative Studies Minor; American Studies Minor; Folklore Minor; Religious.

Overview of Comparative Cultural Studies. The Department of Comparative Cultural Studies highlights the rich comparative traditions of disciplines and programs. The Department offers major degree programs in Anthropology and Liberal Studies, and a minor in Religious Studies.

The California State University, Northridge’s Oviatt Library provides educational, cultural and information services and resources to the students, faculty, and the community.

To further knowledge of the unique ways in which visual culture, literature. please refer to the Smith College Course Catalog. LAS 150 Introduction to Latin American Studies LAS 150 is a.