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Finite size effects are very important in the practical application of QKD, because of the finite transition time and relatively small data size, especially when one needs communication with little.

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Clock synchronization for nonfaulty processes in multiprocess networks is indispensable for a variety of technologies. A reliable system must be able to resynchronize the nonfaulty processes upon some.

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However, there is a large gap between the generation rates achieved with existing physical sources and the high data rates of many computation and communication systems; this is a fundamental weakness.

Technological advancements have made it easy to find a variety of free computer. provide lecture notes, assignments and additional learning materials from previous MIT courses and cover subject.

Network and Computer Security instructs users on risk assessment, software protection, cryptography and intrusion detection, among other topics. Suggested readings, as well as assignments and exams,

We note that the upper bound proved here is a so-called ‘weak converse’ upper bound, meaning that if the communication rate of any secret key agreement protocol exceeds this bound, then our theorem.

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Scientists have called the contraceptive pill one of the most important inventions of the twentieth century. Now, more than fifty years after the Pill was first released, contraception remains a woman.

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Quantum cryptography allows confidential information to be communicated between two parties, with secrecy guaranteed by the laws of nature alone. However, upholding guaranteed secrecy over networks.

Shaastra lecture series: Among the foremost of these initiatives. developed and organised by the students of IITM. Social initiatives: Computer literacy for all is aimed at addressing the.

In view of applications such as quantum cryptography or quantum teleportation, extension of quantum-entanglement-based protocols to global distances is of considerable practical interest. Here we.

(2) Alice measures either R or S and notes her outcome. (3. how it can be applied to the task of witnessing entanglement and to construct security proofs in quantum cryptography. We now sketch the.

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Automated financial trading machines can make complex decisions in a thousandth of a second. A human being making a choice – however simple – can never be faster than about one-fifth of a second. Our.

Nonlocality is the most characteristic feature of quantum mechanics, but recent research seems to suggest the possible existence of nonlocal correlations stronger than those predicted by theory. This.

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