Pulmonary Edema Scholarly Article

Four presented with acute invasive central nervous system disease and severe pulmonary edema. We describe the cardiorespiratory disturbances and intensive care management of these four consecutive.

Abstract: Children with either acute or chronic upper airway obstruction are at risk for postobstructive pulmonary edema. Appropriate diagnosis and management are important in leading to a good.

In their recent article, Arcaroli and colleagues found that increased. The pathogenetic mechanism by which NF-κB activation leads to a reduction in pulmonary edema clearance has been clarified:.

Lung ultrasonography is sensitive and specific for the diagnosis of pulmonary edema in nonpregnant patients but is not well-studied in pregnancy. TECHNIQUE: Lung ultrasonography was performed using a.

The purpose of this article is to review principles of oxygen transport and the pathophysiology, diagnosis, management, and nursing implications of acute pulmonary edema in pregnancy.

Recently, we managed a case where pulmonary edema occurred after TIPS. The patient was a 59-year-old female with a history of recurrent esophageal and gastric bleeding secondary to cryptogenic.

A 16-year-old male passenger involved in an automobile accident was observed at autopsy to have total avulsion of the heart from its vascular connections and severe unilateral pulmonary edema. The.

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The role of portable, anteroposterior, supine chest X-rays (CXRs) in distinguishing hydrostatic pulmonary edema (HPE) from permeability pulmonary edema (PPE) in mechanically ventilated patients is.

OBJECTIVE To describe the incidence, predisposing conditions, and inciting factors culminating in pulmonary edema in the pregnant patient. METHODS A review of 62,917 consecutive pregnancies delivered.

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Acute mitral regurgitation may cause pulmonary edema, but the pathogenetic role of chronic ischemic mitral regurgitation, a dynamic condition, has not yet been characterized. We prospectively studied.

consistent with re-expansion pulmonary edema (Figure 1B). We started noninvasive ventilation with bi-level positive airway pressure. Over the next few hours, the patient’s condition improved and the.

and unilateral pulmonary edema. Pneumonia was largely ruled out on the basis of the patient’s clinical presentation with absence of cough with expectoration, fever, and leukocytosis, despite the.

Purpose of review: To provide an overview of the pathogenesis of pulmonary edema and describe recent discoveries related to the clearance of airspace fluid and potential new therapies for this.

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Society of Critical Care Medicine; 27th Educational and Scientific Symposium; San Antonio, Texas, USA; February 4-8, 1998: Poster Hall: Thursday, February 5, 1998 5:45-7:15 pm; Friday, February 6,

Initially, the acute pulmonary edema that developed in this elderly woman was assumed to be of cardiac origin. However, myocardial ischemia or infarction, congestive heart failure, and pulmonary.

Pulmonary edema is one of the most serious and life-threatening situations in emergency medicine. Lately it has become apparent that in most cases pulmonary edema is not caused by fluid accumulation.

The chest X-ray showed bilateral pulmonary edema. The severe acute hypercapnic acidosis was corrected after changing the ventilator tubing set, and an oclusion of the expiratory limb was found. After.

A case of pulmonary edema following upper airway obstruction is presented along with a review of the literature. The causes of this entity are not well known, and opinions vary as to the mechanism of.

. (COPs), pulmonary artery wedge pressure (PWP), and pulmonary edema fluid colloid osmotic pressure was studied in six critically ill patients with fulminant noncardiogenic pulmonary edema. The.